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No words can express our gratitude to Dorrett. Dorrett has taken our son by the hand and navigated a path for him to follow.
Restoring self-esteem using numerous coping strategies enabling completion of A-levels and onto University.

O has gained the confidence to try out new life experiences and succeed, further enhancing self esteem. We have seen hime develop into a young man who is going places.

Bless you Dorrett

Mrs. C. - Bollington.

I had tried other forms of counselling in the past and found it not to be of much benefit. A friend recommended Dorrett to me as they felt psychodynamic counselling would be more suited. I instantly knew from my first session with Dorrett that this was what I needed. Her approach is warming and welcoming and you instantly feel at peace. I have been seeing Dorrett now for around 6 months and have developed techniques to help me combat the reasons I first started with her. This is definitely a journey worth taking and I look forward to what the future will hold.

Anonymous - Macclesfield 18 May 2018

Dorrett was recommended to me by a friend. At the time I contacted Dorrett I was unable to see how I could change my situation, I was stuck and struggling to cope.

After 12 months under the care of Dorrett my life has transformed, I can not believe what I have achieved in that short space of time. Dorrett has helped me identify how I got into my situation and given me the help/guidance and tools to get myself out and start to build a healthy positive future for me and my family.

This lady is amazing and I am so grateful to have found her. I couldn't recommend her enough, whatever your situation is she will be able to guide you through it.

YM - Cheadle Hulme 3 February 2018

When I came to see Dorrett I was recently divorced and had just moved back in with my parents. I was unhappy in my job and I was feeling disillusioned regarding the break-up of my marriage and what had caused it.

During the Counselling process with Dorrett, I began to discover unresolved childhood traumas were still affecting me and I had entered my marriage for parental approval, also I was seeking to accomplish material success ignoring my own feelings and needs.

As a result of my Counselling with Dorrett, I started to confront long standing anger and resentments issues towards myself, confront my fears and make friends with myself. I began to be aware of my self-criticism and started to communicate my feelings towards my parents in a non-confrontational way.

NL – High Peak 9 November 2015

I had come to Dorrett due to my third marriage experiencing major crisis, and my teenage son had left home again to return to his Dad. My job was stressful and I was also depressed and suffering from panic attacks.

I was not new to Counselling when I met Dorrett, my previous Counselling encounters involved lots of back-rubbing, hand held tight, relaxation tapes and lots of tea & biscuits. If that is what you want, you will be sorely disappointed with Dorrett.

Dorrett’s professional approach helped save my third marriage, addressing my complex problems with sensitivity and patience. Dorrett helped me change my negative habitual behaviour that was causing the same problems to reoccur in my relationships. You could say I had a 'Light-bulb' moment. She has also helped heal my relationship with my son.

Dorrett has changed my family life for the better and I would not hesitate to see her again if I should need her help.

My only regret is that I had not seeked Counselling with Dorrett sooner.

Thank you.

D - High Peak 8 November 2015

I am writing to try and explain what a huge positive impact Dorrett has had on our lives as a family.

My daughter, who is now 18, has unfortunately suffered several extreme traumas in her teenage years. This in turn has led to emotional difficulties and depression. She was also severely self-harming in an attempt to cope. She went through the usual NHS counselling channels but she continued to struggle with aspects of life and the harming just continued to get worse. As parents, we didn’t sleep: always listening out for her safety. Watching my daughter deteriorate emotionally and physically, in front of my eyes was indescribable. I felt that I had tried everything and had nowhere else to turn.

Then, one day, fate intervened and Dorrett was recommended to me. When I first met Dorrett she listened and seemed to completely understand our helplessness. She took my daughter’s case very seriously. This instantly made me feel that I had a lifeline. More importantly, that my teenage daughter had a lifeline.

My daughter has been seeing Dorrett for 18 months now. Weekly at first and now monthly; with a view to finishing her sessions soon. In that time, my daughter has literally flourished. She has stopped self-harming. She has grown in confidence and self belief. She is fully functioning, completing her GCSE’s, Diploma and is now applying for University. She knows now that she can’t control the past, but Dorrett has given her techniques and self understanding to cope with difficulties which arise in a safe and positive way. My daughter now embraces life with zest, smiles and eagerness.

Words are simply not enough.

Dorrett has enabled our family to move forward. Dorrett filled me with confidence. Her experience and expertise was so valuable. She listened and understood our pain and knew what to do. From having nowhere to turn, she has given my daughter her life back. Joy, laughter, calm and hope.


S.T. from Macclesfield - Wednesday 4th November 2015


Before coming to Dorett I assumed I would only be treated for social anxiety, but she was able to delve deep into my past and break down a wall that I had built for myself and quickly discovered deeper issues and acted quickly to work upon them. After going to her sessions for over a year, I am able to resolve issues much easier due to techniques that she has taught me and has helped me deal with my past as well as creating a safe and relaxed environment to open up to. It is without a doubt that she has improved my mindfulness and mental stability.

L.B. from Macclesfield - 31st October 2015


If you are thinking about coming to counselling I cannot recommend Dorrett highly enough. If I had not come to counselling I would not have discovered how much my marriage had deterioted without my knowledge.

Dorrett’s professionalism and support throughout this traumatic time has helped me face the true reality of my situation.

My only regret is that I wish I had come to Dorrett for counselling sooner and saved myself a lot of heartache.

S.J. High Peak - 23rd May 2013


I have found Dorrett to be a most professional Counsellor, an example of people I like to look up to. Going to see Dorrett every week created purpose although I didn’t see it back then! Dorrett has encouraged me to develop the capacity to see my own contributions to my difficulties and my strengths, so that I don’t lay the responsibility solely on others but can take control and make my own decisions.

I have learnt to connect with my true self, exploring my inner conflicts and express my inner feelings instead of internalising them. Dorrett has provided, stability, continuity and humility in our counselling sessions. Now I can look back to when I was ill and feel so fresh in comparison. One day I know I will fulfil my true potential and Dorrett has put me on my way.

I can only thank you in words and a few exclamation marks.


R.W. Cheshire - 24th September 2012

Having struggled for many years with anxiety and depression, after graduating university I found myself settling into a state of inactivity and despair. Dorrett has helped me tackle my state of mind and raised my awareness of the psychological factors that led me to this point. Although very much in the middle of my therapy, I'm now beginning to reach a plateau where many paths are opening up in front of me.

JB from Glossop - 23rd August 2012

"I have had 37 sessions with Dorrett. I need as many more as I can get. If I didn’t have counselling I would suffer more frequent panic attacks. Counselling with Dorrett helps me with my self-esteem and confidence. I have learnt a lot of different things about myself working with Dorrett, e.g. how to say No and how to stop trying to please people all the time. Dorrett has a wide range of knowledge and empathy with all different kinds of situations. I found she is very good at helping me work through things one-step at a time. It’s good I get to see her every week; it really makes a big difference to my coping strategy."

B. from Macclesfield - 12 March 2012

Dorrett made us feel welcome and comfortable from our first meeting. She listened and understood our problems from the start. I never felt judged by Dorrett and she was sympathetic to our situation.

Dorrett made a very hard situation for my child into something he can easily talk about now. He has gone from a shy, sad and hurt child to a confident and talkative child. The transformation in him can only be described as miraculous.

I would recommend Hill Top Retreat and Dorrett to anyone needing counselling. She has been an important part of our lives and now my son is so much better we will miss our regular meetings.

Thank you so much for making our experience of counselling as pleasant as it could be.

It has been lovely to meet you and our lives have benefitted forever because you do such a good job.

I can’t thank Dorrett enough for all her help.

S.H. from Glossop - 26 April 2012

I think your counselling is nice and enjoyable. No-one should be put off by Dorrett if they are planning on doing counselling.

K.H. – aged 10½ - 26 April 2012

Imagine stumbling through a cluttered shed crammed with cobwebs and carnage. Amidst all the mayhem you come across a dusty painting. At first colours are faded and it is a little worn and torn but there is potential  under that layer of debris. I have felt a lot like that painting and my time in therapy with Dorrett has enabled me to wipe away much of that dust and debris, enabling me to feel I can reach further out that the confines of a dreary shed and let my colours define me instead.

Naturally much is still lurking beneath the surface but as we work through each week the clouds are slowly thinning and lightening and I am able to feel and see a saner side of myself.

Thanks very much, I really appreciate your time in the counselling sessions

T.B. Cheshire - 7 January 2012